Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 Go Forth 2012

today is 31 Dec 2011. last day of the year 2011. within this year, I have been gone through a lot of bitter sweet memories, moments with family, my love, friends & relatives. I keep growing to face the reality in my life. Make me become more strong to manage my life. hope I can keep this on track.

I can face all this with motivation from all. thanx a lot for keep me strong. Arwah Abah had passed away 1 month a go & Alhamdulillah Ibu, Ain,Ucop & me already our life journey as arwah said "fight for your life". I will remember that. I promise abah. Al-Fatihah to Abah. I miss you a lot. 

And now, I currently doing my intern as SIMA Trainee at Scope International Academy - Standard Chartered. Will begin my task as Trade Document Checker next week after new year. hope I will do the task properly & successfully. become the BEST among the best. yesss ! that is my determination for 2012. that what I desire for now. Pray for me peeps. On March 2012, I will finished my degree. wish me have an excellent result okie. hope so. then I get job to let my sister continue her study in degree. I know we - Akma & Ain can do this. 

Next, pray that Ibu can get well soon from her cough disease. everyday need to meet doctor for check up. ohhh almost forgot with our appointment with the other doctor. haish~~~ no time to go.  last time we came, the doctor been busy with his meeting here & there. never mind, I will find right time. perhaps after Ibu not coughing any more & no need to do check up everyday. I know all of us will be healthy always. 

Ucop? Let he finished his high school education. that enough for me. form two on 2012. 

okie, no more from me as now I only concern with my family. about my LOVE- cyunk, he understand my responsibilities. He can wait for me for another 4 years. thanx cyunk. 

to all my teman, sahabat & kawan, as good friends know all my best stories & best friend have lived them with me.  Live Laugh Love together all the way. thanx buddies. 

Life is like writing with a pen. We can cross out our past but we can't erase it. 
All we've got to do is move on ! 
Much Love by AKMA SAMIAN

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